Hi! I'm Carly.

So much to think about. So little time.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Carly and I have been in the event planning industry for six years. I fell in love with planning weddings when I was in college at The University of Hawaii at Manoa studying Communications. I loved planning tropical beach weddings, however, I have enjoyed getting to see the Pacific Northwest and embracing all its beauty!

Wedding planning is stressful and takes a lot of time and organization. Lucky for you, I pride myself on time management and keeping things organized.

I love being a part of people’s love stories and watching them unfold. It’s a special moment to watch the partner’s reaction as they see their person for the first time. Over the years of working with my couples I have loved finding ways to make each wedding unique to each love story. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I post a lot about the personal touches. I love making weddings personalized and not just a copy and paste from Pinterest.

I have a fiery passion to plan and would love to grab a cup of coffee and chat about your special day. From helping your ideas become reality to filling in for those who feel creatively challenged, I can help you experience the wedding of your dreams!

Meet our team of wedding planners, who are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams!


Would you believe that Rachel is actually a past client of mine, but we didn’t actually meet until working our first wedding together?! She wanted Emerald Engagements to help coordinate her wedding, but I was already fully booked. So I had my associate planner coordinate Rachel’s day, and little did I know we would be working together not too long after. Her and her now husband, Carlos, were such an awesome couple to work with. Now, that she is a lead wedding planner at Emerald Engagements she has helped countless couple’s enjoy their day without a hitch. She has such a warm heart and understands a brides thought process on wedding day. She has been an amazing lead and will continue to be in 2022!


Whitney was actually a bridesmaid in Rachel’s wedding, which was the reason we connected! How cool is that?! It makes my heart so happy that my team has so much fun on wedding day that a bridesmaid thinks, “Whoa! I want to do that!” I am so excited to work with Whitney closely in these upcoming weddings and watch her be an excellent lead. She has just the right pep in her step and eye on detail to do a stellar job!



Par and I originally met during a styled shoot that I hosted in 2021. Back in the good ol’ days where we had tons of time to get creative and host things like styled shoots! Par was a model for the shoot, and we instantly hit it off and established a great connection. Shortly after the shoot, she reached out to me and took an interest in assisting me with weddings. I was neck-deep with my workload at the time, so the timing was perfect! She has been such a great addition, I just absolutely love all the questions she asks and gets me thinking about things I didn’t even think about. Par has been such a great addition to the team!


Crystal used to own On My Way To You Events before deciding to be a lead planner for Emerald Engagements. Fun fact, I met Crystal because I was a model for one of her styled shoots. The HMUA she partnered with found me and we soon became friends! Crystal is detailed oriented, and has an amazing vendor referral list from being in the industry for years. We are so happy she joined Emerald Engagements!!!


Grace reached out to me after she graduated college interested in learning about the wedding planning industry! We quickly hit it off and she hit the ground running assisting in almost every wedding and observing everything to become a lead planner. Grace has a go getter work ethic and not scared to get a little sweaty on wedding day. She has been a wonderful addition to the team.


Hannah has been in the catering side of weddings and events for many years. She was on the catering staff for two of our 2022 weddings and reached out for a job opportunity. She realized being a planner is a little more fun than catering 😉 Hannah’s knowledge in catering is extremely helpful to her couples along with her organization skills, and attention to detail. We love having Hannah on board!