Wedding Planner Kent

wedding planner kent

Picture this: You’ve just proposed to your partner and they said yes! After months or years of planning the perfect moment to propose, the two of you have chosen to start this next chapter of life together. Now the two of you are about to embark on a journey of planning and preparation. If an engagement marks the beginning of a couple’s wedding journey then the wedding is the finish line.

In order for any “journey” that you undertake to be successful, it’s always best to have an experienced guide at your side to help you along the way. If you and your partner want to have an amazing wedding experience and are planning a wedding in Kent, WA, then having a professional wedding planner assist you with the planning process will only increase your chances of success. 

Wedding Coordinator Kent

Wedding planners and wedding coordinators are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. The role of a professional wedding coordinator is to keep the planning process running smoothly and to make sure that on the day of the wedding the couple, their family, and the other invited guests are content and enjoying this special day. 

Wedding coordinators rely on their expert organizational skills and their experience with planning other weddings to bring to life the wedding vision for brides or grooms. 

At Emerald Engagements, our wedding coordinators are here to help you at each step of your wedding journey. Once you begin the planning process, you’ll be able to rely on our wedding coordinators for vital support and guidance. If you need recommendations on venues, vendors, or an idea for a wedding design, our team is more than capable of bringing your wedding goals to fruition.

Wedding Planner Packages Kent

Every couple is unique and that means that each wedding has its own unique flair. Emerald Engagements recognizes this and that’s why we offer wedding planner packages that will fit any brides or grooms needs and budget. Our wedding planning packages allow for flexibility when it comes to the services a couple needs for their wedding. From the initial consultation to day-of coordination, you can choose from having a hands on wedding coordinator who’s with you from the very beginning or you can choose to have them assist you more as the wedding day approaches.

If you are interested in the wedding planner packages that we offer for weddings in Kent, please call Emerald Engagements today to check our availability. Don’t wait!