Wedding Planner Kirkland

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many things to think about and take into consideration. Whether it is a small and intimate ceremony with a few chosen guests or even if it’s a larger event with over a hundred attendees, a wedding will still require coordination and organization. A couple can always choose to plan their wedding themselves, but with so much that goes into the planning process, it may be in their best interest to hire a wedding planner. 

Emerald Engagements wedding planners bring passion, creativity, and years of experience to every wedding they plan in Kirkland, WA. When you choose to work with one of our planners, they will remain in constant communication with you and ensure that you and your partner have the extra support you need on your wedding day. 

wedding planner kirkland
Wedding Coordinator Kirkland

A wedding coordinator offers more than just their organizational expertise and skills. While helping you plan your dream wedding, a coordinator can make recommendations for caterers, and other vendors. They will even help you hire the chosen vendors and can be the point of contact if you’d rather not get bogged down in all of the minor details. An experienced wedding coordinator uses their extensive wedding knowledge to answer any questions you may have during the planning process.

When a couple is in the midst of making wedding decisions, they have so many thoughts and ideas running through their minds. But when you have a coordinator assisting you, you can task them with organizing your many thoughts and turning them into the wedding you and your loved one always dreamed of. Do you need ideas for homemade wedding favors for each guest? The Emerald Engagements wedding coordinator team can help you in that regard as well if you and your significant other wish to have a more DIY wedding.

Wedding Planner Packages Kirkland

Every happy couple hoping to take the next step in their life has a beautiful and unique love story  and their wedding should reflect that. At Emerald Engagements, we are honored to assist brides or grooms as they start the next chapter of their lives with wedding planner packages. Regardless of whether a couple is having a beachside ceremony or a winter wonderland themed wedding, our wedding planners always try to include a special personal touch tailored to both the brides or grooms. If you are about to begin your wedding journey and would like to know more about our wedding planner packages for the city of Kirkland, please call today!