Dark and Moody, But Modern

Dark and Moody, But Modern

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Alexis and Sophie emulate summer love. It was mid-July when their paths crossed at a summer camp in upstate New York. “Our first interaction ever, was when Sophie drew up the courage to find her way next to me in the dinner buffet in line, so she could offer me a plate to use and introduce herself,” Alexis gushed. It was Sophie’s uniqueness and worldly aura that drew Alexis in. Sophie, meanwhile, looked up to Alexis and viewed her in a light that Alexis did not see herself.

They each found this photoshoot special, as it represented the generic wedding they would not have. Alexis and Sophie, instead, envisioned a wedding day only for themselves, no fear, and no one to please except the other. This photoshoot was a way for them to have the traditional wedding cake, champagne, and white dress while creating memories that will only add to this incredibly special time. Sophie joked, “we got to have a free wedding with zero guests, which is the perfect kind of wedding!”

Sophie grew up vacationing on Ocracoke Island, a place abundant with figs, edible fruit, and oleander flowers. In the fall, Sophie expressed her thoughts about a fig tattoo in remembrance of those select vacations. At the same time, both Alexis and Sophie were awaiting the release of Andre Aciman’s latest novel, Find Me. When a copy was finally in hand, Sophie flipped to a page of the character expressing a need for a fig tattoo with his partner. This excerpt was the confirmation that was needed. The following winter, Sophie and Alexis both got tattoos, each with independent meanings. A fig for Sophie and a peach for Alexis.

Upon arrival at the photoshoot, they discovered the cake and charcuterie board adorned with figs, lettuce, artichokes, and apples. The decision to incorporate non-flowers lead to the final encompassing moment that summed up this experience and memory for this couple, Alexis expressed, “these pictures are going to be photos we will enjoy forever. Being a part of this photoshoot made us more excited to get married, and that is not a feeling we will forget.”

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Photographer*: Kayley Driggers Photography-  https://www.kdriggersphoto.com
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Emerald Engagements- https://emeraldengagements.com
Bridal Gown & Accessories: A&be Bridal- https://aandbebridalshop.com/seattle/wedding-dress-designers
Cake/Desserts: South Fork Cake Company-  https://www.southforkcakeco.com
Beverages/Bartending: Mini Bar Car   
Caterer: Milk and Monger   
Florist: Bumblebee Bridal Works- https://www.bumblebeebridalworks.com
Bride’s Attire & Accessories: 
Lulus-.  https://www.lulus.com
Hair & Makeup: 
Haley Burrmann
Invitations/Programs/Signage: Minted-  https://www.minted.com
Rentals: RR Party Rentals- https://www.rr-partyrentals.com
Venue: THE 101- http://the101.828venues.com
Specialty Rentals: Balancing Balloons- https://balancingballoons.com
Photo Booth: Kayley Driggers Photography-   https://www.kdriggersphoto.com
Soft Seating: Vintage Ambiance-  https://www.vintageambiance.com


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