Gold Creek Pond Elopement

Gold Creek Pond Elopement

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Is eloping not for you and your fiancé? How about a Micro Wedding?


The stigma of eloping being about secrecy has waned. The meaning has drastically changed. Eloping in 2020 is more about having “a small intimate wedding.” Often times, couples decide to elope to save not only money but avoid the hassle of planning a wedding. Perhaps the biggest argument you’ll hear from people when you and your partner are considering eloping is, “It just won’t be as fun as having a whole wedding celebration!”


On the contrary, eloping can be a better fit for a lot of couples. When eloping, the intimacy level between the couple can be enhanced. Often the focus shifts from a large celebration to a moment that is more about the two elopers. Eloping is a perfect fit for couples who are adventurous. For those who love climbing up a mountain to get the most picturesque photos possible.


The majority of couples in 2020 are having to choose to elope on their already planned big wedding date that is now having to be postponed due to COVID-19. This is taking a frustrating situation and making it intimate and romantic. This is where professionals in the wedding industry come in handy. Many wedding vendors have had to completely change their business model for this year’s clients and the few years to follow.



Is eloping just not for you? That’s ay okay! Have you heard of the new trend of a micro wedding? It’s a mini step above eloping which is a great option for many couples. A micro wedding is an already planned wedding and it makes saying “I Do” as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do as the couple is choose a venue from a premade list, show up, and get married! Yes, it’s that simple and in devastating times like these, it’s perfect for so many couples who don’t want to replan their wedding.


There are plenty of years to follow to safely celebrate with close friends and family but getting that chance to say “I Do” on your already picked out wedding date with the love of your life is an opportunity that should not be passed up.



Venue: Gold Creek Pond
Photographer: Jane Jung Photography –
Planner: Emerald Engagements –
Florist: Brett James –
Hair and Make Up: Nokeen Nguyen –
Dress: a & be Bridal Shop –
Invitation: Chelsea Cuykendall –

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