What Does A Wedding Planner Really Do?

What Does A Wedding Planner Really Do?

I get asked constantly “what does a wedding planner really do” and I am here to give you some insight. Yes, planning a wedding can be “easier” these days with the help of social media and the internet, however a professional planner who has been in the industry is full of knowledge and we take on a lot behind the scenes that most couples don’t know to think about. Let’s dig in a little deeper.

After the initial inquiry call I get a good idea of where you are at in the planning process and when you decide to hire Emerald Engagements I jump right in. I like to hire all remaining vendors immediately to ensure we are getting the best of the best before they are booked for your date. I do the back end work of talking to and collecting proposals to send over so you just have to review them (with me) and we decide who is the best fit depending on overall vibe and budget. This goes hand in hand with helping stay within budget. I respect all my couples budgets and help give tips and ideas on ways we can cut costs and allocate money other places to be mindful of the overall cost.

Now once vendors are booked, there is vendor management that needs to happen and this is one of the main reasons to hire a planner so you don’t need to worry about this. Vendors will only have logistical questions and being able to leave that up to the professional will save you so much stress. As a planner I pride myself in feeling confident to make necessary executive decisions.

Another huge part of our job is to help tie in all your ideas to be cohesive and give suggestions on what to do and what not to do. If you follow Emerald Engagements on Instagram you will notice I often talk about personal touches, I am here to help! I tend to get Pinterest boards that are all over the place and I love dissecting each photo with my couples and taking that to create your own overall personalized wedding vibe.

Of course, wedding day is where we really shine though. We are there on site to oversee all the deliveries and set up and to ensure your wedding vision is coming to life exactly how you anticipate it to be. We are there to run your timeline, handle all last minute things that may pop up and of course be your eyes and ears and problem solve on your behalf.

The main take away and answer to “what does a wedding planner really do” is to be your ultimate best friend in the wedding planning process.

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